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Internal affairs is a visual investigation into the graphic design world with a focus on internships.

We’ve invited 60 studios, respectively their interns, from all over the world to create posters on various aspects of design internships.
Graphic design interns usually work in the studio’s shadow, and we would like to give them a platform and an opportunity to show what they are already capable of. We think it would be interesting to see how a piece of work by an intern without potential studio regulations and restrictions looks like. We are curious whether we can find a relation to the studio’s visual language, the intern’s local influences, and current design trends.
As our initial contact was always with the studio itself, we had no influence on the selection of interns. Their age, gender, origin, education, skill, and motivation were, therefore, covering a wide range.

Some of our goals why we started this project were:

  • giving young designers/interns a forum
 to display their works on topics relevant to the design world

  • building an archive of excellent design studios for future interns

  • sharing internship experiences from various international perspectives

  • highlighting problems in the design industry when it comes to working with young talent

  • showing great works, by interns