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About the Team behind internal affairs

Internal affairs is run by Martin Gnadt, Pascal Schönegg, and Denis Yılmaz. Martin and Pascal met in 2012 through an internship at the same design firm in New York. A few years later they had the idea to work together on a self-initiated project. Since their story was initiated through a shared experience they made as interns, it felt only natural to take a deeper look into the world of people interning at graphic design studios. Denis joined them along the way and has been the final piece of the puzzle to make the team complete.

Besides organizing and planning internal affairs in their free time, all three of them work in their own design studios in Berlin. These are , , and

We’d like to give some shout-outs to AAAtlas and studio-index for putting together a very detailed and helpful list of studios from all over the world. Check them out!
The next big thank you goes to Monkey Type for letting us use their wonderful Banana Grotesk.
And a big thank you to Tazio and Lizzie for proofreading.

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If you are interested in a partnership with internal affairs or have additional input, please contact us at: